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Consumer Brands Invest a Lot in Marketing and Advertising

Wouldn’t you like to know which channel performs the best?

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Your ID partner should specialize in connecting the dots to tell an accurate attribution story for your consumer brand.

Attribution can be hard to do, even in ideal circumstances, and it’s about to get a lot harder. Data privacy regulations continue to evolve in line with consumer demand.

You’re in luck – we happen to specialize in privacy-compliant, performance marketing analytics. 

Good for the consumer and great for your business. 

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Know where the new customers are.

The Roqad identity graph can help your business find a broad and relevant customer segment in line with your targeting parameters when the traditional ad tools fall short.
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Retain them to drive efficient loyalty and repeat.

It’s essential to know all devices belonging to customers in the CRM system to avoid overload messaging and improve the RFM score (recency-frequency segmentation).

Find new customers and retain existing ones across apps, devices, and websites.

Roqad case study for McDonald's, Annalect, and Flashtalking
Case Study

Better Campaign Performance? I'm Lovin' it. 

Along with our partners, we helped this consumer favorite brand answer an important question - what impact was their new app having on in-store sales?

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Roqad case study for Omio
Case Study

Serving the Same Ad to the Same User Repeatedly Gets Expensive, Fast - Find the Sweet Spot

Do you have time to cross-check your millions of users? We can do it for you, fast. Roqad graph’s cross-device insights power user journey analytics, marketing attribution, and optimization of media campaigns.

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Roqad case study for Leroy Merlin and Wavemaker
Case Study

Measuring the Impact of ALL Digital Marketing Channels on Offline Visits is Tricky but Doable  

Do you know which channel brings the most customers to your door? Don’t stress out. A lot of major brands don’t really know. But we can help.

Read the case study of one of the biggest home improvement retailers in the world.

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Case study for Konigsteiner Digital and Hainan Airlines
Case Study

Going Beyond Conventional Digital Ads -A Major Airline Seeks Help to Fill Elite Seats

How do you find and retarget the specific online demographic for your ideal customer across their devices?

Read the case study of an airline that partnered with Roqad to fill their beautiful first-class cabin.

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iPhone Users Are Considered “Must Reach” for Most Brands

One problem: Apple took away the mobile ad ID that lets you reach them.

With Roqad’s probabilistic identity graph, brands can find iPhone users across their apps and devices without violating user privacy. And it's not too good to be true.

Our probabilistic identity graph delivers insights while protecting user privacy.

photo of Kevin Mullen, chief product officer at Roqad

How does a brand build from the data that they have?

In CPG, the data we see is often related to the truly “faithful,” or only the consumers who are most brand-loyal.

The faithful are a great group to use as a seed audience, but data about them needs context and stability. Identity can help with both context and stability by translating those cookies into Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS) and Hashed Email Addresses (HEMs), each of which can be easily related to deep demographic and psychographic data, interests, etc.

Learn more from our Chief Product Officer Kevin Mullen's article "Using Identity Graphs in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)."