Case Study

Annalect and Flashtalking Increase Media Campaign Performance for McDonald's


Roqad’s Identity Graph was able to connect 11% of the targeted audience with McDonald’s App users, enabling the analysis of media performance with regard to offline events


Performance increase for media campaigns

Roqad case study for McDonald's, Annalect, and Flashtalking

The Challenge

  • Identify the best converting online placement, campaign, channel and strategy
  • Move from experience-based budget allocation to data-driven attribution supported by cross-device insights

Our Approach

  • Analyze effects of online channels on in-store conversions
  • Track actual performance per media channel
  • Create budget recommendations for ongoing and future campaigns

How We Did It


Campaigns run on different online channels (Facebook, TikTok, programmatic, etc.)


Collected cookies from media campaigns are matched with MAIDs from Roqad Identity Graph


Mobile advertising IDs provided by Roqad are matched with McDonald’s App IDs via Annalect’s attributions software


Offline conversions are tracked on McDonald’s App


Recommendation engine generates data driven insights to continuously optimize the performance of online campaigns

Client Bios

Logo - annalect


  • Annalect is the Omnicom Group’s (NYSE: OMC) data and analytics division
  • Annalect helps the world’s most successful brands democratize data insights and apply them to media and creative executions
Logo - flashtalking


  • Flashtalking is a global ad server and analytics technology company using data to personalize advertising in real-time for global brands
  • It was acquired by Mediaocean for 500M USD
Logo - McDonald's


McDonald’s is a leading global food service retailer. There are 1,500 restaurants across Germany, and it is the market leader in the German gastronomy sector.

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