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Data privacy regulations are evolving rapidly and third-party cookies will ultimately go away. Don't wait to act.

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In a Crowded Identity Market, the Roqad Approach Stands Apart

North America offers many options when it comes to building and extending your identity spine, however many of these solutions have an expiration date.

The Roqad identity portfolio is id-agnostic and privacy-compliant with an eye on the future. Many identity providers are ready for the next step, but we're ready for the two or three after that.


north american identity graph

ID-Agnostic Identity graph for the US and canada

Broaden your current audience device pool and amplify the user profiles in your target. Roqad provides the probabilistic identity graph that powers many of the biggest names in adtech today and in the cookieless future.

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North american data onboarding

linkage solutions for US and Canadian data sets

Connect your hashed emails and IP addresses to mobile advertising IDs...and vice versa. Our product is the only 100% privacy-safe option. Available in the US and various European markets with new countries coming soon.

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Global Chief Marketing Officer


"It's easy to put off decisions that appear to relate to future problems, but we all know the companies and brands that win are those that get ahead of the game. We help the winners win."

The Benefits of Doing Business with Roqad

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Thought Leadership

Demonstrate that your business is committed to innovation with a graph partner that helps address identity challenges today and tomorrow.

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Fair Value

We know you need to manage costs (heck, so do we) and we are confident that our graph will fit into your budget whether you're looking for an identity spine or data incrementality.

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Privacy Compliance

New legislation is looming for the US market, making our history with GDPR that much more relevant. We're happy to dig into the weeds on this one.

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As much as 90% of users do not log in to a website. You will gain visibility to the silent majority with probabilistic extension.

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scale and accuracy

Roqad has a significant database of clusters with more than one digital ID across the US and Canada. The identity graph covers more than 80% of online addressable users and has an accuracy of over 95%. We're winning in face-off evaluations with brands that you've likely heard time and time again.


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