Chats with friends of Roqad (who happen to be identity experts)
A Roqad webinar about TCF compliance with Kevin Mullen

Transparency Consent Framework Panel Discussion

Hear from UK market experts at Lotame, Wavemaker, IAB Europe and others. The panel discusses:

  • Where did TCF get things right?
  • What are some areas for improvement?

Of course, the UK is closely tied to the EU’s GDPR, but there are definitely some lines of delineation there and some different approaches to consider.

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A Roqad webinar about adtech basics featuring Kevin Mullen

Getting Down to Adtech Basics

  • What is identity, and what is personalization of ads?
  • Is there a difference between the two?

We asked a couple of experts – Kurt Kendall and Kevin Mullen for their thoughts on the matter.

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