Future-proof your identity resolution

Device identifiers and third party cookies are going away. Roq.ad can help DSPs and Brands continue to see current and future customers.

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A constant stream of ML-based Identity Resolution

Customers’ multiple devices churn, some identifiers disappear (IDFA), other IDs multiply (Publishers) but your Identity Resolution insights continue uninterrupted with Roq.ad.

Privacy by Design.

We are innovators in anonymizing user identity and eliminating PII data leakage. Roq.ad was an early adopter of  the Transparency Consent Framework (TCF). In fact, our Vendor ID number is 4!

Our designs embrace all of the privacy frameworks of the world — the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Brazil’s LGPD. We believe in providing actionable insights for our partners, not in invading users’ privacy.

Cookieless Identification

3P Cookies, a mainstay of attribution, are fading away. Brands, DSPs, and SSPs can use Roq.ad to continue to do retargeting, attribution, and frequency capping in the cookieless future.

Our focus.

Privacy Legacy

As the first company ever to be certified General Data Protection Regulations ready (GDPR-ready) by the leading independent advisor on data protection in Europe, we are proud to be the partner of choice to privacy conscious companies.

Probabilistic Identity modeling

Launched in 2016, the Roq.ad  identity graph predicts which devices belong to the same user to help you retarget and connect with people, not random devices.


In 2020 we began to future-proof our ID graph because we saw a transition coming in retargeting: the usual identifiers would begin to disappear and new ones would emerge.

Seamless Integration

In 2021 we continue to help our partners uncover growth potential in their First Party data either by itself or integrated with the industry’s top third party databases.

Case study

The Roq.ad Private Identity Graph enriched user/listener profiles and enabled centric ad delivery for RMS

Roq.ad‘s Private Identity Graph allowed RMS to understand the cross-device behavior of their listeners (+ 7M optimization of listener profiles).

Results: increased amount of connected devices in their database by 57%, helping RMS to optimize their media spend across all devices. Led to a user-centric communication and an increase in marketing ROI.

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