Case Study

Konigsteiner Digital Increases Audience Reach for Client Campaign


Of campaign clicks from the Roqad graph extended audience


Audience amplification resulting from the Roqad graph

Case study for Konigsteiner Digital and Hainan Airlines

The Challenge

  • Increase sales and marketing reach for Hainan Airlines’ digital campaign
  • Identify additional devices of high-value travelers
  • Amplify reach for media and promotion campaigns
  • Increase demand for business class offerings and selected flight routes

Our Approach

Roqad identity graphs enabled incremental reach for high-value customer groups, increased ticket sales for business class travelers, and increased qualified click traffic on the Hainan Airlines global website.

Roqad specifically activates and then amplifies deterministic data with machine learning-based probabilistic models, helping the airlines optimize their attribution across all devices.

Hainan observed a considerable increase in high-value web traffic as well as greater conversions in ticket sales as a result of graph-enabled segment extensions and attribution support.

How We Did It


Pixel Points
Roqad Pixel was installed on Hainan Airlines global website to track organic audience, analyze the web traffic, and cross-device enrich the collected user group.

A Roqad pixel was installed in creative assets of programmatic campaigns to cross-device amplify high-value audience segments.


Reach all potential customers on multiple devices and drive down CPA running campaigns by remarketing high-value audiences across additional devices at lower costs.


Hainan observed a considerable increase in high-value traffic as well as greater conversions in ticket sales.

Overall, Roqad’s identity graph extended Hainan’s base audience by 35%.

Over a 3 month period, 30% of clicks were generated from the extended audience segment.

Client Bios

Konigsteiner Digital - Logo

Konigsteiner Digital

  • Runs campaigns on ad exchange platforms
  • Uses RTB adtech, often combined with geo-targeting and cross-device
  • Have previously run campaigns for Adobe, IBM, Nokia, Red Bull, Amazon and many others
Hainan Airlines - Logo

Hainan Airlines

  • Holding company established in 1993 in Haikou
  • Open up almost 500 domestic and international flight routes, reaching almost 100 destinations

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