Data Onboarding

We know that data onboarding is all about immediacy, viability, and addressability. That’s why we offer a data onboarding solution that we can implement for you in 2-4 weeks.

By the way, we have a really, really good Germany/Austria/ Switzerland HEM database to connect with your MAIDs to go along with our EU and North America databases!

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We can take your existing deterministic identity graph or CRM dataset whose keys are Hashed Email Addresses (HEMs) and tie them to mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) and cookies, and then we can connect those to one (or all) of the universal IDs out there or even publisher IDs. We call it “ Link.”

For example, one of our customers had all of their HEMs in MD5 format, which is an older format. They were worried that if they didn’t switch formats soon to one of the newer SHA formats, then they’d lose access to the hard-won deterministic identifiers! So we used our probabilistic graph to do that. Next, we’ll turn the connections into Universal ID 2.0, Zeotap ID+, and Lotame’s Panorama.

You've put in effort to create your offline customer and/or CRM database

Maybe it’s time to leverage its power by connecting it with online digital identifiers of your customers and potential customers?


connecting to 3P cookie / MAIDs

MAID / 3P cookie

connecting to HEMs for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Older MD5

connecting to newer SHA formats for HEM link

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