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Roqad Offers Privacy Compliant Identity Solutions

Privacy Compliant at the Core

Say goodbye to privacy compliance PR anxiety when you choose Roqad. Everything we do addresses privacy first.

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We're #4 (out of 800+) on the TCF Vendor List

Born in Germany, now a world-wide organization, Roqad has always been at the forefront of privacy regulation and the impact it presents for identity solutions and those relying on them. ( Inc. on the TCF vendor list) 



trade associations

  • BVDW 
  • IAB Europe
  • IAB Transparency and Consent Framework



  • ePrivacy seal is valid from summer 2023 - summer 2025 (originating in 2015)
  • TCF Vendor #4



  • Award-winning cross-device technology provider
  • Best identity and best privacy technology finalist in the 2022 AdExchanger Awards

anonymized connections

privacy-safe id linkage at scale

One question we hear often is: "Do you unencrypt HEMs in order to link them to MAIDs and cookies?"

We do not.

We find connections between HEMs and online identifiers, but they are anonymized the entire time.

Insights are derived without violating privacy. Yes, it's a tough job, but that's where the value comes in.

When it comes to Identity - Privacy is King

Third-party cookies and IDFAs are on the decline. First-party cookies, universal IDs, publisher IDs, IDFVs and CTV IDs are on the rise. The Roqad portfolio of identity solutions is poised to help your business reckon with changing industry dynamics, building with privacy-by-design principles every step of the way.



Founder & CEO


"Data privacy is important for consumers and therefore for our enterprise customers."