We decided to launch a new initiative and give back more than we take from our planet.

How we embarked on the journey of hope and invested in a better future world

We recognize that climate change is an enormous problem and we’re aware that our machine learning models are energy-intensive, so we began to research our options for carbon offsetting. We evaluated various options to give back to mother earth, with future climate changes in mind. 

It soon became clear that mere carbon offsetting or carbon neutrality wouldn’t fix the problem. The climate needs to be repaired.

We decided to add to our carbon offsetting investment plans in order to put us in the carbon negative territory by removing more carbon from the environment than we emit

What did it take to move towards the carbon-negative territory?

With the help of Ecosia.org, we will sponsor the planting of 2164 trees over the next 18 months, starting from January 2022. That’s more than our CO2 footprint per year, thereby producing an extra of 10% O2.

Though the scale appears daunting, we are motivated by our initiative as we know that what happens to Earth 100 years later depends on our choices today. 

We hope other adtech and artificial intelligence companies join us in making an investment in carbon negativity.

Carsten Frien

CEO/Founder | Roq.ad

Making a long-term commitment

We have decided to do our bit for the future of our planet and are already committed to making a small change to the path of the impending climate change challenges. We will work on restoring the natural cycle of life and ensure we give back to our planet in every way we can. 

We call our initiative “Roq.ad is Carbon Negative.”

Quick facts about our Carbon-negative program

(covers CO2 footprint, plus 10% additional O2)

Start date 

January 10, 2022


18 months

Total number of trees to be planted

0 trees

Roq.ad CO2 level per year

0 kg

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