An Explainer: Privacy Safe Onboarding with Roqad LINK

Why data onboarding with Roqad LINK? With LINK, you can convert your HEM (hashed email) database into updated HEM formats and/or MAIDs and cookies, which in turn can be converted into a variety of other ID types. ​You can also couple LINK with your existing subscription to the Roqad probabilistic identity graph to build a 360-degree view of your audience.​

a diagram of Roqad LINK

GDPR Privacy questions to consider

Questions to consider: 

  • What rules do we need to follow? ​
  • How do we match?​
  • How does Roqad deliver?​

Backing up a bit, here is a quick question:

Are you confused about your obligations under GDPR? ​

If the answer is yes, well, the good news is that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling a bit timid about leveraging your European HEMs, you’re in good company! We all should be concerned about privacy. ​

There are three data privacy challenges to consider:  

Challenge 1: As data Controllers, both Roqad and its customers are obliged to verify consent under GDPR Article 5. ​

Challenge 2: The UK ICO has given guidance that states that if you join two datasets for which you are a Processor on one, and a Controller on one, then you automatically become a Controller on ALL the joined data, and matching is a join function. ​

Challenge 3: Individual country laws have more stringent consent requirements for the collection of email addresses, and beyond that, TCF doesn’t contemplate the notion of email collection, only the matching of that email to an online ID (Feature 1). ​

Roqad is certainly concerned. We always trace consent back to the source.

We know how, where and with what verbiage users gave consent for each hashed email to which we have access, and we use TCF as our basis to tie those hashed emails to online IDs. ​

​What does a match test look like for HEMs in the EU?​


  1. Roqad uploads HEMs, tokens, & consents. ​
  2. Customer retrieves Roqad data and consents. ​
  3. Customer Uploads their HEMs to their cloud​.
  4. Customer compares HEMs and sends Roqad HEM tokens that are connected to known customer HEMs.  ​
  5. Roqad translates HEM tokens to HEMs and verifies association to online IDs​
  6. Roqad generates match rate statistics and available IDs by type​
  7. Roqad passes HEM to ID matches & TCF consents to the customer environment​

What does ongoing delivery look like? ​Matching remains the same, and we add a delivery path​.

What does Match test for HEMs* in the EU and ongoing delivery look like? ​ ​A diagram

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