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Navigating a Rapidly Changing US Digital Advertising Landscape.

Joe Cha
Joe Cha

marketing director

Join us live on May 17 to hear from Kurt Kendall, Chief Analytics Officer of Publishers Clearing House, and Kevin Mullen, Chief Product Officer of Roqad,  about navigating the new normal in digital advertising in North America.

And if you can’t make the live discussion, sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recording. 

Webinar sign up: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_s4DjLXdySJ2sWfXnwuRKZg

Is the sky falling on digital advertising? Well it sure looks like it. IDFA was deprecated and the 3rd party cookie apocalypse in the world’s most popular browser is imminent. 

Will these apocalypses doom ads as we know it? 

Eh, probably not. But our modus operandi will certainly change. And CMOs will probably be entitled to some salary bumps.

Join digital advertising experts Kurt and Kevin and they’ll lay out the path forward for adtech, publishers and brands. 

  • Kurt Kendall is the Chief Analytics Officer for Publishers Clearing House 
  • Kevin Mullen is the Chief Product Officer of Roqad 

Registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_s4DjLXdySJ2sWfXnwuRKZg

Description of webinar: 

Title: “Navigating a rapidly changing US digital advertising landscape”

Is the sky falling on digital advertising? Will the IDFA apocalypse and third party cookie apocalypse doom ads? Well, folks will continue to want personalized ads. because who wants to see ads that don’t apply to your life?

OK, so we agree that digital advertising will continue in 2023. Let’s get down to nuts and bolts. Let’s start with some background info.

  1. What does identity mean?
  2. What about personalization?
  3. Personalization vs. identity. They’re not the same!
  4. Deterministic vs. probabilistic data.
  5. Identity in the post cookie deprecation world doesn’t necessarily mean other probabilistic identity mechanisms won’t be still viable

What will the ‘new normal’ look like?

  1. Hint: It’s not that bad (but CMOs might have to charge a little extra starting in 2023)
  2. You don’t have to be exact! An irony: the digital domain currently operates at a very imprecise level of accuracy. 3p cookies are old and horrible! We’re glad they’re going away.
  3. Contextual data as a proxy for identity, or is identity just a proxy for what people refer to as contextual.  This gets to the premise of the goal of advertising and the weakness in first party identity
  4. You’re always at some level probabilistic.
  5. The “emergence” of 1st party data: using a 1st party cookie to map to an offer of credit.
  6. Will Apple obfuscate IP addresses?
  7. Attribution in the new normal  
  8. There are black holes (walled gardens) in the new normal – data goes in and doesn’t come out.
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