Unlocking the Potential of First-Party Data: Equativ Joins Forces With Habu Data Clean Room and Roqad Identity Graph to Drive Advertising Efficiency

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Originally Published: June 15, 2023
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Equativ, the leading independent ad platform, today announced its partnership as the first industry supply-side platform to integrate with Habu, a leading Data Clean Room provider. Equativ also partners with Roqad, the leading identity solutions provider, to act as the bridge connecting anonymized data within the clean room, enabling accurate linkage across datasets. These collaborations enable Equativ’s spectrum of partners, ranging from advertisers and publishers to retailers, to fully harness and optimize first-party data in a 100% secure data collaboration infrastructure to power efficient targeting, attribution, measurement, and audience insights.

Habu’s DCR will allow Equativ to bring together multiple parties in digital advertising transactions to match their respective first-party datasets with each other thanks to the use of advanced Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), non-movement of data, and strict data minimisation controls. In this manner, by mapping different anonymized audiences to each other, new insights can be uncovered that will improve efficiency and efficacy for both targeting and measuring campaigns. A key feature within this DCR collaboration will be the ability to leverage an ID graph that will match different types of identifiers to form a consistent, unified view of the customer and then use it for efficient advertising.

Roqad will be the first identity graph to power Equativ’s partnership with Habu enabling cross-device audience attribution and extension use cases. Once matched, advertisers, publishers, and curators will be able to target the audience data across Equativ’s premium inventory by creating cross-publisher deal IDs and activating them on preferred DSPs. All players can expect better match rates, more flexibility and improved addressability with a privacy by design approach compared to using traditional first-party data management and collaboration solutions.

“We are happy to launch this new partnership with Habu, a pioneer in data clean room technology, and Roqad, a global Identity Resolution adtech solution.” said Lucie Laurendon, Equativ, Product Marketing Lead-Supply. “Habu’s offering aligns with our commitment to data-driven addressability that enhances shared business value for multiple players in our digital advertising ecosystem. Habu’s foundation was built on interoperability, which is critical in facilitating scale in digital advertising. Roqad’s cross-device scale and accuracy will provide vital enrichment of our client’s identity datasets providing them with a complete map of their customers’ online identifiers wrapped within privacy-safe user consent.”

“With our industry’s current focus in pushing towards creating privacy-first addressable solutions, responsibly harnessing first-party-data is of paramount importance to preserve and enhance the existing standard of digital advertising use cases from targeting to measurement and attribution,” said Tim Norris-Wiles, Habu, Managing Director EMEA. “Equativ represents an exciting opportunity for collaboration as they share our vision of harmonizing business interests for all sides while placing consumer privacy above all else.”

“The combination of Roqad’s future-proofing identity solutions and Habu’s leading Data collaboration tools provides a powerful, flexible process for Equativ’s clients to seamlessly onboard, segment and activate both offline and online customer data in a privacy-safe environment. We’re making a strong integration even stronger,” said Alasdair Cross, Roqad, VP of Sales.

About Habu

Habu is a global leader in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data without the risk. Habu connects data internally and externally with other departments, partners, customers, and providers in privacy-preserving and compliant ways for better collaboration, decision making and results. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA. For more information, visit www.habu.com.

About Roqad

Roqad is a German DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) company working across Europe and North America to help solve the problems of churning multi-device ownership, the loss of third party cookies and the rapid increase in new types of online identifiers. We provide both GDPR and CCPA-compliant large-scale probabilistic identity graphs and deterministic data onboarding solutions to help solve the challenges of privacy-safe tracking and analytics in a rapidly changing ecosystem.
Used by major players across the adtech, ad agency and client worlds, Roqad’s identity solutions are used for solving efficient campaign targeting, enriching and expanding first and second party data and improving customer journey analytics and attribution. Learn more at roq.ad.

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