DrivenIQ and Roqad Partner to Bring the World’s Most Comprehensive Deterministic and Probabilistic Customer Data to Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

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Originally Published: May 4, 2023
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DrivenIQ (, experts in audience data and advertising technologies, and Roqad, Europe’s leading probabilistic identity resolution company, today announced they have partnered to help global brands and marketers best identify their ideal customers and exponentially maximize their return on advertising spend.

This partnership pairs DrivenIQ’s deterministic data spanning 230 million U.S. households, 14 billion records, and 492 million individual users down to their driveways and devices with Roqad’s huge volumes of consented EU data and probabilistic machine learning algorithms. This is critical in a world where marketers must now identify customers through a fragmented ID, device, and channel landscape.

“Customer identifiers are evaporating more and more as browsers, devices, and platforms go cookieless,” said Albert Thompson, Founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “The most significant challenge marketers face today is scaling their customer data. An agnostic approach, or the meaningful marriage of authenticated and
anonymized data, is the most efficient and effective way to do this. DrivenIQ and Roqad are ‘agnostically aligned’ by integrating and bringing our best-in-class,
privacy-first deterministic and probabilistic data graphs to the world. This is great news for brands looking to realize their maximum marketing potential while remaining fully compliant in the process.”

DrivenIQ’s deterministic Identity Graph, known as DrivenID™, empowers brands to present highly personalized ads in real-time to millions of online and offline consumers. DrivenID™ works in conjunction with ResolveID™, a sophisticated first-party audience resolution technology that identifies up to 40% of website visitors who leave during the customer journey without logging in or declaring who they are. And just recently, the company launched VisitIQ™, its Audience Management Platform (AMP), giving marketers the ability to connect and activate cookieless first-party audiences across all digital pathways and media channels.

Roqad, the only probabilistic graph on the market throughout the EU that powers many of the biggest names in adtech, is devoted to helping revolutionize digital advertising through actionable insights about anonymous users. The company helps marketers overcome the challenges of multi-device ownership and fragmented online user identities without the benefit of third-party cookies. Roqad is known for its robust identity graph, as well as its ability to connect hashed email and IP addresses to mobile advertising IDs in North America and Europe, with linkages exceeding 800 million in the U.S. alone.

Both DrivenIQ and Roqad are 100% privacy-safe and compliant and used by the world’s largest DSPs and SSPs. With this alliance, DrivenIQ is now in the process of joining the EU’s Transparency Consent Framework (TCF).

“Our partnership with DrivenIQ isn’t just about future-proofing businesses for a cookieless world,” said Carsten Frien, Co-Founder and CEO of Roqad. “It’s about creating the right data and advertising technologies that help businesses thrive for generations to come. Ours is a unified, visionary strategy at a time when privacy regulations are ever changing, and fragmentation is ever growing. We’re bridging DrivenIQ’s massive, authenticated database with Roqad’s unparalleled probabilistic models to find new identifying consumer signals. This is the future of audience data and we’re pleased to lead the charge.”

According to Bartek Bogacki, Co-Founder and CTO of Roqad, an agnostic approach that combines authenticated with anonymous data gives marketers broader access to open web and walled garden data – an approach that’s key to the evolution of advertising.

“This is really about the ability to reach and engage with the right customers wherever they are at a time when privacy is paramount,” said Bogacki. “The key to a brand’s success is its ability to develop personal relationships with its customers. That’s what consumers want, and that’s the holy grail of our industry. This entire evolution starts with changing the way we gather, analyze, and optimize deterministic and probabilistic data, working together in harmony.”

About DrivenIQ
DrivenIQ specializes in first-party, privacy compliant consumer data and audience technologies to help businesses reach their ideal customers and exponentially maximize their advertising spend. The company’s technologies, ResolveID™, AudienceID™, GeoID™, EnrichID™, and MediaIQ™ empower marketers to collect, enrich, activate, and monetize first-party data assets. DrivenIQ supplies data to some of the world’s largest DSPs while helping Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises forge 1:1 relationships with their ideal customers through meaningful marketing. Visit to turn up the volume on your data strategies, drive business, and create customers for life.

About Roqad
Roqad is Europe’s leading provider of GDPR-compliant probabilistic identity graph technology, dedicated to cracking today’s key marketing challenges arising from multi-device ownership and fragmented consumer identities.

Our main goal is to equip companies with the specific knowledge and tools required to overcome these challenges and achieve their business objectives. Roqad offers an individual identity graph, a household identity graph, and data onboarding. Visit for more information.

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