Roqad Re-Brand: A New Look and Feel

Roqad branding in laptop and phone mockup
Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad
By: Joe Cha

It’s a big day for Roqad.

We’ve been on a roll lately (remember that series A announcement a few weeks back – we’re still squealing).

Today feels like that moment when the hero in a fast-paced car chase catapults over the open chasm, smashing down in glorious abandon on the other side.

Today you find us on the other side.

Today we’re speeding off into the distance.

Buckle up for an introduction to our new brand identity.

FUN FACT: an identity graph isn’t the only type of identity this team gets jazzed about.

Rebrand for a Reason

Yes, yes – marketers get painfully excited about a rebrand…but our fresh identity isn’t just a pretty face.

We’re rolling out an exciting, new brand identity because Roqad is in an exciting, new phase of our business and we want the market to take notice.

Over the past seven years, we’ve built industry leading products (shout-out to CTO, Bartek Bogacki and CPO, Kevin Mullen), won industry-leading brands as our clients (I’m looking at you sales & CS teams), and built a global network of best-in-class talent (insert your name here, roqstar).

It’s about time that our first impression (and all the impressions after that) deliver on the reality of what the Roqad brand truly brings to bear – the most comprehensive map of IDs available today.

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Brand Essence

Roqad is all about delivering data that drives performance for our customers. The new visual identity is inspired by our global audience, European heritage and the well-engineered systems that support exceptional under-the-hood efficiency.

The Roqad aesthetic is a nod to vintage race culture and international supercars.

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love gazing at a Rosso Corsa Ferrari Daytona or a Lamborghini Miura?

I mean, maybe there are a few people…but they probably aren’t booking tickets to Cannes, so I think we’re good.

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Our Icon: The Track

Roqad rebrand - Overview of new icon and race track elements

Our new brand icon, affectionately dubbed the track, is built from concentric lines in the shape of an “R”. This road or path represents a highway of identifiers.

The “R” will be used outside the circle to create abstract design details that show how our data solutions build connections. The concentric lines can be used in illustration applications as well.

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Colors & Texture

Roqad rebrand - Color overview with textures

Inspired by bold, strong and timeliness European brands and fine art, our color theory includes hues often seen around the track and in the museum (think Mondrian – can you tell I was an art history major?).

Texture adds grit and depth to our brand. Our signature paper texture is a nod to the bygone era of advertising in print and also resembles the texture of concrete or asphalt complementing other elements of the visual identity.

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Hidden Figures

Roqad rebrand - Hidden figures and photography philosophy

At this point you might be wondering why we didn’t go live with a new website today, and the truth is we just didn’t want to wait to share this branding and story with the world. We do have a new website in the works and when it comes to life in a few months, you’ll notice something different – the only faces we plan to show are those of our customers and team.

Photography has the power to inject humanity into a brand, however at Roqad, our approach to privacy is a key differentiator. That’s why, going forward, we will use photos that obscure faces using blur effects and creative cropping.

Our chosen film-style photography will be grainy and slightly overexposed. This style brings a human touch with a throwback to pre-digital demand creation.

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Crazy for Clarity

We’re in a highly technical space – identity data as a service. The way we write and speak is also a key element of our brand.

The Roqad team is crazy for clarity. As we reinvent and proliferate our content library, you’ll find us telling it like it is. Our customers will be able to rely on Roqad as a trusted partner and thought leader…even if we are a bit contrary at times.

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Made in the Mind

As Leo Burnett, famous advertising executive, once said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

I like to say the products are often made in the cloud these days, but the brand piece holds true.

As an ex-Heinz gal, I was trained by some of the best brand marketers in the biz.

It’s worth pointing out – a brand isn’t a logo. It isn’t the colors or the illustrations. It’s not a font or a character. It isn’t even the 57 on that bottle of ketchup.

Are these brand elements? Yes, certainly.

But are these things the brand…not so much.

A brand is the way your customers feel about your company and product when they experience it. A brand can signal luxury, reliability or security.

Having the right brand partner might give you the confidence to ask for a promotion (no one ever got fired for choosing *enter well known software brand here*).

Roqad is a bit like Intel Inside®. What we do isn’t showy on its own, but put it under the hood and our data makes an imposing impact.

So feel brave and bold, Roqad community.

It takes guts to solve problems that are further off in the future. It’s easy to focus on what’s directly in front of you. It’s kind of safe, but the safe approach never took companies from good to great.

With Roqad you won’t just be prepared for the next step, you’ll be prepared for the two or three laps after that.

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Thank You


Jennifer Schiffman

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Thank You

To our customers, partners and investors – thank you.

And to our team members – keep your foot on the gas.

In the words of poet Robert Frost, we’ve miles to go before we sleep.

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Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad

About The Author
Joe Cha

Joe Cha is a marketing director with Roqad.

He has created content marketing projects for machine learning / artificial intelligence companies for the last 3 years. He previously served as content lead for fraud prevention ML company Nethone, which raised Series A and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe by Deloitte.   

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