The Privacy Firewall by Roqad

The Privacy Firewall by Roqad is an API to manage TCF consents, geographies, GDPR, and CCPA in one user interface.

Do you want to manage your consent and compliance in the easy, lawful way? The transparent way?

If the answer is yes, then by all means, continue reading.

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Users have the right to change their minds about their privacy settings whenever they like.

Managing consented data for a billion users, each with multiple IDs, in different countries, with different data privacy frameworks, gets complicated fairly quickly.

We created the Roqad Privacy Firewall to manage these rules in one place.

The benefits of the Privacy Firewall are several —

  • it’s easier to change and review the rules
  • the updates to the rules are auth-protected and logged
  • there is no custom consent processing logic spread across different components

Users change their minds about their privacy settings. We’re required to respect that and check for it constantly.


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