How Consumer Brands Use Data Clean Rooms to Scale Digital Marketing

Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad
By: Joe Cha
A virtual event that was hosted by Roqad on Jan. 25: How Consumer Brands Use Data Clean Rooms to Scale Digital Marketing. We ended up covering a TON of topics that our broader adtech audience is likely to be very curious about.
Thank you to our panelists Rishabh, Tom, and Sadegh, and thank you to our live audience for submitting interesting questions for the panel. Enjoy the session!



Any company that has loads of personal or customer data has to ensure the anonymization or pseudonymization of its data in order to share it.

This is where the data clean room comes in.

Third-party IDs are being phased out due to government and industry-imposed regulations. Brands and publishers are now turning to highly curated, often personally identifiable first-party identifiers, which can be sensitive for customers, brands, and publishers alike, making it impossible for partners to simply compare audience lists directly.

Data clean rooms can help.

Watch (or listen to) our panel talk about the value of data clean rooms in today’s digital marketing landscape.

  • Tom Rolph, Head of Adtech, Media & Entertainment at Habu
  • Dr. Rishabh Poddar, Co-founder & CEO at Opaque
  • Dr. Sadegh Riazi, co-founder & CEO of CipherMode Labs

We answer key questions to set a foundation to understand the context of data clean rooms and elaborate on value, technology and use cases.

  1. What IS a data clean room?
  2. What value does it add to digital marketing collaboration?
  3. Over the past several years we’ve seen a large increase in the number of advertisers using and collecting their own data – how does that approach lend itself to a rise in clean room technologies?
  4. What limits apply to data clean rooms?
  5. What, if any, legislation impacts the relationships that various parties have in the use cases for data clean rooms? Does this vary by geography?
  6. Review of a high level data clean room workflow between partners
  7. What makes for an amazing data clean room project or partnership?


Enjoy the show!


If you have questions about how to leverage identity solutions within your data clean room initiative, let us know!


*transcript forthcoming


Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad

About The Author
Joe Cha

Joe Cha is a marketing director with Roqad.

He has created content marketing projects for machine learning / artificial intelligence companies for the last 3 years. He previously served as content lead for fraud prevention ML company Nethone, which raised Series A and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe by Deloitte.   

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