Case Study

Millions of User Profiles Enriched for Leading Audio Advertising Marketers


Identity graph enriched 7 million user profiles in RMS database


Increase in average number of user touchpoints with identity graph insights

Roqad case study for RMS

The Challenge

  • The client needed help to track all device requests on a user level to create and cross-device enrich user/listener profiles in the RMS DMP
  • The dream was to add an identity layer to their product to enable user-centric ad delivery

Our Approach

  • Analyze all desktop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV, and gaming console radio listeners
  • Track and map all device IDs on user level. Use insights to deliver user-centric ads and optimize listener profiles

How We Did It


RMS sends device requests to Roqad.


The device data is deduplicated to compute the device connections within the data set.


RMS then receives all device IDs on unique user level.


The RMS DMP imports the Identity graph and user profiles are enriched.


RMS then optimizes their ad campaigns with their partners.


And… repeat with monthly enrichment and optimization.

Headshot for Matthias Schenk, Director, Partner Management at RMS
Matthias Schenk
Director, Partner Management

Roqad‘s Identity Graph enables us to understand the cross-device behaviour of our listeners and optimize our media spending across all their devices, leading to a user-centric communication and an increase of the marketing ROI of our clients.

Client Bios

Logo - RMS


RMS is the leading audio marketer in the German-speaking audio advertising market.

RMS markets advertising times and formats for 169 private radio stations and around 1400 online audio streams and mobile apps.

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