Webinar: Why Transparency and Consent Framework is Critcal to the Future of Adtech

Roqad Webinar - Why Transparency and Consent is Critical to the Future of Adtech
Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad
By: Joe Cha

If you’re interested in the future of adtech, advertising, retargeting, programmatic, campaign insights, and PRIVACY REGULATIONS, check out our July 20 webinar: “Why Transparency & Consent is critical to the future of Adtech (and not just in Europe)” or “How to prevent an Identity Apocalypse.”

We’ve assembled a panel with expertise of an extraordinary magnitude:

Topics will include continuing identity resolution while respecting user privacy, lessons from TCF 2.0, upcoming privacy regulations, and where Google and Apple‘s plans fit in!

Privacy regulations that make business sense? It sounds weird, but join our webinar and the panelists will show the way forward.

Headshot of Joe Cha, Marketing Director at Roqad

About The Author
Joe Cha

Joe Cha is a marketing director with Roqad.

He has created content marketing projects for machine learning / artificial intelligence companies for the last 3 years. He previously served as content lead for fraud prevention ML company Nethone, which raised Series A and was named one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe by Deloitte.   

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