ROPO360 Analytics

A unique product to close the gap between online and offline events

360° analysis of all digital campaigns, including all devices of a specific user

The ROPO360 Analytics Report will close the gap between your digital advertising campaigns and conversions in your brick and mortar shop, restaurant, outlet, dealership, etc.

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ROPO360 Analytics

Digital Campaign Analysis Ropo360 revolutionizes the communication between brands and their audiences by determining exactly when and where to engage with the audience in order to drive them through the conversion funnel

Now brands can track digital advertising activities that trigger offline conversions in POS

ropo360 online identification ROPO360 Analytics insights enabled us to analyse all digital media channels in terms of offline performance. 

By applying the gathered insights, we were able to boost offline visitation by 17.7% and drive down cost per ROPO conversion by 52% for Leroy Merlin

Patrycja Dyrda

Marketing Specialist at Wavemaker (WPP)
Identity resolution ropo360

Common use case

Campaign Insights

Measure of all online communication channels in the media plan of offline sales.

Customer Journey Analysis

Bridge between online advertising activities and offline conversions

Unique users

Reliable information about the number of people engaged in communication (unique users instead of impressions)

Budget Optimization

Optimize digital media budgets across all channels (social, programmatic, native, etc.)
Case study

52% digital media cost reduction for Leroy Merlin’s offline visits linked customers’ sessions from multiple devices and enriched cookie data to all mobile IDs of the users to bridge digital ad data to all mobile IDs tracked at the store locations.

The result: Leroy Merlin benefited from a 17.7% increase in store visitation and 52% digital media cost reduction per ROPO conversion.

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