Media Solutions’s Cross-Device Media Solutions are designed to help you better engage with your audience in a seamless, non-intrusive manner across devices. By implementing either Cross-Device Audience Segments or Cross-Device Managed Media Campaigns, you’ll have all the resources needed to create a compelling cross-device advertising campaign at your finger tips.

Solution 1:

Cross-Device Audience Segments Cross-Device Audience Segments are designed for agencies and advertisers who don’t wish to run campaigns directly through the client services team, but would rather run them in-house. By creating personalized Audience Segments with your own website and app data, you can actively reengage with those users already involved with your brand across all of their devices. Take your advertising campaigns and push them to the next level with Cross-Device Audience Segments integrated into the DSP or DMP of your choice.

Find audience segements currenty live on:


How to get started:

The simple 3 step process to create your own Audience:


Step 1

Get in touch with a client services manager and request the tracking tag. Once received, the tracking tag needs to be integrated onto your website or app.

Step 2

Once the data starts flowing through the Cross-Device Marketing Graph and enough has been gathered, will deploy your IQ console and push out an output of users and their matched devices. Using this output, then creates personalized Audience Segments.

Step 3

These personalized audience segments are then made available within any DMP or DSP of choice. Currently, Cross-Device Audience Segments are live on The Trade Desk, AppNexus and The ADEX.

Solution 2:

Cross-Device Managed Media Campaigns

As a full-service offering, Cross-Device Managed Media Campaigns allow you to take advantage of all the available cross-device benefits without actually having to run the campaigns yourself. This is especially beneficial for advertisers who are initially exploring cross-device advertising and/or those who are looking to receive the full support of a client services manager. Each client services manager is specialized in running cross-device campaigns and can provide expert insights into optimization strategies and best practices. Don’t worry about anything. Just set your objectives and budget and our client services team will do the rest for you.

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